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Guests have come to visit the Oak Alley Plantation grounds and tour the inside of the manor. The grounds have been enhanced to reflect the French Formal gardens that were in vogue for the affluent in 19th century New Orleans. Walking amongst the ornately designed parterre and cooling off from the mist of the fountains will surely put their minds at ease. 

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Voodoo Cart Colored


Upon entering the manor, guests are split into groups and then invited into the parlor. When they are in the parlor, one of the ‘guests’ starts being unruly, climbs over one of the ropes and starts picking up the antiques. Unfortunately for all of those on the tour, one of the items the ‘guest’ picks up was a tarot card that was holding an evil Voodoo Queen hostage. Upon her terrifying release she tells the group that she will play a little game with them as a thank you for letting her go. If the Savior’s card can be chosen from among the four cards her minions are presenting, then she will allow them all to leave unharmed. If they choose incorrectly…she gets to torment them for all eternity. 

March1-Printed Portfolio 20202.jpg
parlor drawing.JPG

The Fates

When a card is chosen, one of three fates are revealed. (A. the card of Movement: trio of female dancers B. the card of Deformation: Contortionist with three drummers C. the card of Conjuring: pair of magicians) None of which are the Savior’s card. The group is summoned to the next room and the unruly ‘guest’ is trapped in the parlor forever. In this next space, the Queen has unleashed her powers and taken over the manor, where the fate that was chosen exposes itself in physical form. 


After the performance of the fate, the unnerved guests must move forward. They find themselves deep in the Queen’s swampy trap. As luck would have it, there are some janky looking airboats that may be salvageable to make an escape from the Queen! The guests hop on an airboat and take off on a high-thrills escape attraction.


Voodoo Queen


Card of Deformation


Card of Movement

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