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Concept photo collage/painting for model

Welcome to the Terminoid, your initial stop from Earth before embarking on your breathtaking intergalactic cruise. Here you will find amenities that will make your transition into space as seamless as the galaxy around you; the most essential being your complementary pair of gravity boots and control band. While on Earth you’ll select a pair of boots from the Dark Matter series which you will receive upon arrival at the Terminoid. Equipped with the latest technology, these stellar boots will simulate gravity at the press of a button and give you the means to navigate all around our zero gravity ships.


Outer Crust:

Pod Docking 

Inner Core: 

Lobby/Gravity Boot Boutique 

Outer Core: 

Molten Lava Inspired Installation


Zero Gravity Zone 

(Bar, Cafe, Lounge)

The Terminoid is patterned after the layered structure seen in planets in our solar system. This design alleviates the discomfort guests can experience from rapid space travel by gradually acclimating them to the environment.

Initially I had been attracted to imagery evoked by installation art and aquarium design. My visual research began to revolve around what planets are made of. I realized my incorporation of spheres became increasingly influenced by the layers that are created during the formation of planets. From that point my design was informed by the materiality and lifespan of planets. In thinking of space travel, I was focused on the terminals between docking vehicles. The concept was modeled largely after cruise ports and the program of activities they offer. The magnetic shoes were inspired by the functional needs of people in environments that are without gravity. How do people occupy these spaces before they embark on their adventures?

terminoid is a luxurious planetary terminal, built to soothe the mind and the sense before embarking on an epic intergalactic adventure cruise​​

Concept photo collage of lobby interior

Splobby_Costumes copy.png
splobby_DxOLAVA copy.tif
Splobby_Costumes copy.png
Splobby_Costumes copy.png

concept model

terminoid full model.jpg
split terminoid model copy.tif
back terminoid model.jpg


  • Carved Styrofoam domes with hot knife and Dremel

  • Ceramic stucco texturing, spray painted outer dome, hand-painted acrylic highlights on outer dome and full inner dome 

  • Lava rocks assembled and set in mold, resin swirled with colored powder in mold 

  • Silver-topped cardboard ring around resin floor, remote-controlled lighting with attached miniature ornaments 

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