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Final concept package for the Enchanted Woods project
Themed Paint and Materials Exploration

In addition to master planning and concept work for the facades of Storyteller's Grove and Rumpelstiltskin's Marketplace, I worked on developing a cohesive materials palette for the team. I met with each artist midway through the design process as well as liaised with the Art Director to create guides for each building that would capture the individual feel of each place as well as visually connect all of our varying designs to make it truly feel like one Enchanted Woods. The intent behind the exploration was not only to unify all of the artists through color and material, but also was going to serve as the drawings that would then be hand-painted in gauche and projected onto an 8 x 8 white model to be viewed at SCADday and the Themed Entertainment Design graduate showcase. Midway through the painting process, news of COVID19 hit SCAD and unfortunately, all efforts on the physical model had to be abandoned.

Model Team

Brendan Favo, Lindsey Ellis, Branden Tolley and Mady Townsend

The modeling team was granted $4,000 by the Associate Vice President of SCAD, Jesus Rojas, to make a 1/8th scale model of the Enchanted Woods project. I was in charge of budgeting, ordering supplies and working with projection lead, Branden Tolley, to create paintings and fill textures that would be projected onto the model. We proposed to build custom laser cut stands in the shape of trees that would be hooked onto each corner of the model and house the short throw projectors. The model itself would utilize foam core for landscaping, acrylic laser cut trees, and bristol board for the buildings.

The model team was responsible for developing themes and facades for any ancillary buildings not claimed by other teammates. I developed a mood board for each building's theme and the overall land's look and feel. I participated in the group effort of brainstorming sketches for a number of the themes before moving forward with being the sole designer for the stage and merchandise zone.